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GDA68: Leaving Food Down vs. Regular Meals

It’s time to go over how you should feed your dog. Many people like to leave the food down all day long and let the dog eat whenever he wants to throughout the day, but is that really the best thing to do? I’ll go into why you might want to switch your dog to…

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GDA67: Should You Use a Crate

Ask three different people if you should use a crate and you’ll get three different answers. It seems that everyone has an opinion on it however very few know the facts of what a crate really is to your dog and why it might be a good idea to use it. In this podcast we’ll…

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GDA66: Uncontrollable Shelter Dog to Frisbee Champion

There are an endless amount of high energy dogs that are quickly labeled as trouble makers and unruly because of their energy and lack of manners. These are not bad dogs, just super high energy pooches that just never learned any manners. In this edition of the podcast I talk with Roo Yori about his…

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GDA65: Helping Dogs with Anxiety and Fear

My favorite thing to work on is helping dogs with anxiety and fear. I like it because I feel that every day a dog goes through life in an anxious state of mind his quality of life is decreasing, and that makes me sad. Once you help the dog gain confidence his world will open up…

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GDA64: How Breed Influence Behavior and Training

What breed of dog do you have? Have you considered what behavior traits come with that breed and how your dog’s breed can affect how you train them? Most people don’t put that much thought into it and then are shocked when their dog act in certain ways, not realizing that the behaviors are genetically…

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GDA63: Understanding Dog Calming Signals

Dogs are constantly telling everyone around them how they feel and what their intentions are. They live in family groups and really want a life without conflict. To accomplish this they have a large number of signals that they display to communicate that everything is friendly and cool. It’s important for you to recognizing these calming…

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GDA62: Improving Dog Rescue

After working with rescues for a number of years I’ve realized that although people who are involved in dog rescue are very dedicated they can sometimes lack some of the information to really maximize what they do. The problem is that we’re all so busy just doing the day to day stuff to keep the…

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GDA61: Dealing with Leash Reactivity

By far the most common thing people hire me for is dogs that are reactive to other dog while on leash. To us it seems strange that our lovable dog would act so grumpy toward another pooch, but it’s actually quite common. When we put restraints (leash) on our dogs we change natural behavior and introduce…

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GDA60: Dogs with High Prey Drive

Everyone knows about the age old rivalry between cats and dogs and we are usually not surprised when dogs want to chase cats and other small furry animals. Some dogs, however, can live very happily with cats and other little critters without an issue. So why are some dog’s cool with other animals while others…

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GDA59: Dogs Who Don’t Like Being Touched

In this episode we’re going to talk about all those dogs who get a little grumpy about being touched. Whether it’s their ears, back feet, tail or being picked up, for whatever reason they just don’t like it and can get a bit nasty about it. The key is to change the dog’s perception of…

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