Dog Group Interactions

GDA55: Dog Group Interactions

Socialization with your dog is something you should be continually doing throughout your dog’s life. However, there can be limitations or restrictions in socializing your dogs and one of those is the dog’s interaction in group settings. Understanding what the dogs are doing and how they feel about the activity is important for both safety and…

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Treatment vs. Management

GDA54: Treatment vs. Management

The first thing that you need to determine when you have a problem behavior with your dog is whether the situation calls for treatment or management. It’s a very important distinction that many people get wrong and one that causes much frustration. In this episode I teach you the difference between treatment and management and…

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Learning from Your Dog

GDA53: Learning from Your Dog

In life, we learn a lot of things from different places, different people we meet, different circumstances and different experiences we go through. Having Hayley in my life has taught me many things. She’s now 14 years old and I really treasure all the time that I have her. We train our dogs in order to…

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Understanding Your Dog's Perspective

GDA52: Understanding Your Dog’s Perspective

Do you think it’s possible to read your dog’s mind? Now some may that it’s not really necessary. I’ve seen people who look like they can read their dog’s mind or at least read the dog’s behavior, especially when the dog has been with them for a while. I believe understanding your dog is essential in order to…

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Small Dog Training

GDA51: Small Dog Training

One of the things I have observed in working with dogs as a trainer is that small dogs are treated more like babies compare to big dogs. Most people think that dogs are so cute and cuddly that many deal with small dogs like toys or stuff toys. This is very true especially with their owners. Yes,…

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Dog-Dog Relationships

GDA50: Dog-Dog Relationships

In getting a dog, people are excited to socialize their dogs with other dogs and some would want to get another dog too. However, when their dog is introduced to another dog and to more dogs, that’s when they see some behavior issues. Let’s try to compare this with humans. As humans, we don’t really…

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Dog Fact or Fiction

GDA49: Dog Fact or Fiction

Working with dogs throughout the years including rescue dogs, I have seen many things that people believe regarding dogs. Those beliefs affect how people train their dogs and also how they deal with dogs other than the ones they own. Now, those can be fact or fiction. However, if the belief is a fiction, people…

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Client Case Studies

GDA48: Client Case Studies

People with dogs should know that they should train their dogs from the time they get them and the training is lifelong. I find it unbelievable that many dog owners don’t really practice that. What happens when you get a dog and not train him? Behavior issues come out and your dog can become unpredictable.…

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Raising a Puppy Right

GDA47: Raising a Puppy Right

Puppies are so cute. They look very adorable and cuddly and people just want to play with them all the time. But puppies don’t stay puppies their whole lives. Puppies grow. As a puppies grow it is very important that dog owners raise them well and right. Pretty much like with training a child, puppy…

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The 80 - 20 of Dog Training

GDA46: The 80 – 20 of Dog Training

Training your dog needs time and dedication. With that said, many dog owners are already dedicated and give time for their pets, still they don’t get the results they want. In order to have a harmonious relationship with your dog and with your family as well, you need to know the correct kind and way of training…

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