Welcome to The Great Dog Adventure!

If you’ve got a dog every single day can be an adventure – and that can be a good or a bad thing depending upon your dog.

Here at The Great Dog Adventure I hope to give you the tools and information to help you enjoy you life with your dog more and fill all you days with fun adventures.

In the podcast we’ll go over relevant topics to both educate and entertain you, with the ultimate goal of helping you improve your  life with your dog.

Every week I discuss a new aspect of dogs and give tips on anything and everything dog related including training, behavior, nutrition, wellness, supplies – and much more. To give some additional perspectives I bring on special guests to give you their expert opinion on this stuff, as well.

The idea for this show began with another podcast I started in the beginning of 2013 called The Make Dogs Your Life Podcast, which was geared toward dog trainers and dog rescue people. The show was a big hit and tons of fun to do but I felt I was limiting my audience and my content by only targeting dog professionals. So I decided to create this new podcast for everyone out there who wants to learn more about dogs and improve your daily life with your furry best pal. If you like this show, you might want to go back and check out the 16 episodes of the original podcast – there’s some great stuff there.

I’m so excited to do this podcast and really have a blast recording each and every episode. And I hope that each time you listen in you’ll come away with a few things that you can utilize in your world with your dog.