GDA10: How to Take Better Dog Pictures with Sherry Stinson

Let me guess, your phone is jam packed with pictures of your pooch. I knew it! . . . Mine too. The problem is that most of them are, shall we say, less than stellar.

Taking good pictures of dogs is no easy task. Dogs move around a lot and often don’t agree on what we think is a great photo opp. Try as we may to create the perfect shot that will be shared around Facebook for days, we are usually left with a collection of blurry butt shots.

There’s a lot that needs to be considered when taking pictures of animals and it can differ quite a bit from how we take shots of our human family.

To help up you get that perfect shot I invited dog photographer Sherry Stinson on to share some tips and tricks on taking better pictures of our furry best pals and make it fun too. She’s a professional photographer that donates her time and skills to animal shelters, taking picture of their dogs.

She’s worked with 27 shelters in the last 5 years. One shelter she just started taking the pictures in Jan. 2013 reports adoptions are up 10.6%, other rescues pulling their dogs is up 32% and other shelters pulling dogs out is up 87%. That just shows how important taking good pictures is for rescues and shelters.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • How to make your dog enjoy getting his picture taken
  • How lighting can affect your photos
  • Tips for photographing black dogs
  • What rescues can do to get better picture


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Here’s the image that Sherry talked about in the podcast: