GDA11: Dealing with Resource Guarding Dogs

Does your dog get grumpy around his food bowl? Does he growl or snap at you when you try to take things away from him? If so, you’ve got a resource guarder on your hands and unless you start counter conditioning that behavior you could end up with a bite.

Dogs guard things because they think you’re going to take it away and they can get pretty nasty if what they have is seen as valuable to them. Dogs will guard just about anything too. Food and bones are obvious choices but they will also protect tissues, toys, people and even a space.

It’s very important to identify what your dog values and then get to work about changing his feelings about you coming close to him when he has something. This is critical when children are involved and great care needs to be taken to properly manage and treat the situation before an accident happens and a child becomes the victim of a protective bite.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • How to take control of  the situation
  • The steps to work with a dog who guards objects
  • How to make your dog want you to take things away from him
  • What to do with a food aggressive dog