GDA12: Giving Your Dog a Great Holiday with Janine Kahn

The holidays are a busy time filled with lots of fun events, busy schedules and lots of people (some dressed in big red suites with strange white facial hair). And because of all the holiday hoopla we can forget to consider our dogs in all the yuletide happenings or have our dogs in the middle of it all, which may not be the best thing for them.

In this episode I invited Janine Kahn, the editor of the super popular online pet magazine Dogster, to discuss how we can not only include our dogs in on the fun but also make sure they are having a good time with it all.

There a plenty of ways to include your dog in your holiday plans while ensuring that he’s not over stressed. Too many dogs are put into situations that they are just not comfortable with causing some issues to arise. There are also a bunch of holiday hazards that can be extremely dangerous to your dog, so you need to set up your home with your dog in mind.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • Ways to bring you dog into your holiday plans
  • When you should leave your dog out of the festivities
  • Common holiday hazards to avoid
  • Some cool gift ideas for both the dog and dog lover on you shopping list



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