GDA16: Loving Your Dog To Death

It sounds crazy but believe it or not you can love your dog too much. When you pile on the love and affection while neglecting your dog’s basic canine needs serious problems can arise.

Now I’m not saying your should stop loving your dog – no way. However, you need to make sure you’re not focusing too much on your own needs and wants, and forgetting that your dog has very different priorities. I see way too many people who love their dogs more than anything but are not aware that they are causing a number of behavior issues that could eventually lead to them giving up the very dog they love so much. It happens more than you think.

I’ll show you what you need to be careful of and exactly how you can create a healthy relationship with your dog that will keep you together for a long, long time.

In this episode

1:18  Setting a New Years resolution for your dog

1:53  I want your questions!

3:30  Writing my next book in 2014

4:44  The dangerous of loving your dog too much

5:54  When love goes bad (8 things to look out for)

17:15  Dog training lessons from a homeless person

18:03  Taking care of your dog’s basic canine needs

18:55  How to be a good “parent” to your dog

21:15  Why small dogs have more behavior problems

27:06  Ways to make sure you don’t love your dog to death

54:50  Training tip


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