GDA17: Rewards vs. Corrections with Ian Dunbar

What’s the best way to train your dog? Is positive training the way to go or is it more effective to give your dog corrections?

So many people have different opinions (including dog trainers) that it might be hard to know what’s best for your dog. I started my dog training education on one end of the spectrum and now, years later after much research, experimentation and dopey mistakes, my pendulum has swung the other way.

To sort through it all I invited dog training and behavior legend Dr. Ian Dunbar to give us his take on this topic.

In this episode

1:10  Winter concerns for dogs

6:00 Why reward training is so effective

8:01  Why it’s better to reward inconsistently

9:12  The dangers of inconsistant punishment

11:40  The definition of corrections and punishment

13:23  What to do when your dog misbehaves

17:00  Bringing back verbal feedback

20:15  What Ian feels is wrong with dog training today

27:38  The many things we can use as rewards besides food

29:39  How to use behavior problems as rewards

36:54  Why people turn to corrections

42:42  Creating a working relationship with your dog

50:55  Ian’s biggest training tip

56:42  Weekly training tip


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