GDA23: What is Clicker Training and Should You Try It

Odds are you’ve probably heard of clicker training, but do you know what clicker training really is?

Although I don’t regularly use clicker training I have used it very successfully in the past and I know what a powerful tool it can be. Those who use it swear by it’s amazing ability to train complex task much quicker than without it.

To give you some info on it so you can see if it might be something you should experiment with I brought on my friend and clicker trainer, Jenna Gallicchio. Find out what this kind of training is all about and then see how your dog responds to it.

In this episode

1:55  The most bizarre question I’ve even received

9:15  When I used clicker training and how it worked out

11:47  Clicker training defined

15:13  Why clicker training works

17:53  What clicker training is good for

25:35  How to teach a basic behavior with a clicker

30:08  Do you need to use a clicker forever

37:12  A cool trick Jenna trained using the clicker

42:45  Training tip of the week


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