GDA25: 17 Tips for Teaching Your Dog Basic Obedience

Every dog should know a few core things and going though the process of teaching your dog basic obedience will bring you closer together and help you develop a happy and successful relationship with your dog.

I’m sure you already know how to train your dog to do a few basic commands but with a few simple tips you can make it much easier and more powerful.

Here I go over 17 things that will make your training more effective and help your dog become much more proficient in all the skills you want to teach him. Implementing some or all of these suggestions will really take your training to a new level and enable you to better communicate and live with your dog.

In this episode

1:55  Thanks for the love

3:50  Listener question about a fearful puppy

7:13  The importance of doing things in a slow progression

9:58  The difference between a bribe and a reward

12:57  The way you should say each cue

19:30  What to do if your dog won’t do what you’re trying to teach

21:35  How to keep training interesting

24:21  How to know if you’re doing training wrong

25:22  Why you must focus on building a relationship

27:33  Refreshing your dog’s skills every so often

31:53  The four things that every dog should know

33:00  Training tip of the week


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