GDA26: How Dogs Help People

I’m amazed at in how many ways dogs help out the human race. Their ability to connect with us and reach us in ways that no one else can is astounding.

Most of the time they aren’t doing anything special – just being dogs. However, by just being a dog they are able to help us in ways that are both simple and powerful.

In this episode I look into 3 really cool ways that dogs are being of great service to people, helping us overcome obstacles, do things that were not possible on our own and being of such great service to us.

I bring on my good friend Steve Sokolowicz  from the Calais School to talk about their new program of teaching special needs kids how to train dogs. This is a project that I’m very honored to be a part of and see first hand the impact that dogs have on the kids involved.

Then I bring back Joe Dwyer (from episode 6) to tell us how his therapy dog, Shelby, bring some brightness into people who are sick and suffering, and how she encourages children to gain confidence in reading.

Looking at all the ways that dog’s help us it’s obvious why we call them man’s best friend.

In this episode

1:10  I need some help with my new project

7:06  How the Calais School uses dogs in the school

11:18  How the dog training program works at the Calais School

11:42  The impact of the program on the kids

14:07  The goal of the student dog training course

16:13  Dogs keep the kids interest and gets them motivated

21:25  Shelby the pit bulls story

23:47  Some of the amazing ways Shelby has helped people in need

28:30  How to become a therapy dog

33:58  Kids reading to dogs to build confidence

37:05  The effects of doing therapy work on the dog

43:21  Training tip of the week


The Dog Rescue Handbook – my new project

The Calais School

The Calais School Dog Trainer Program

Shelby’s Grace 

Bright and Beautiful – therapy dog certification