GDA27: How to Make Sure Your Dog Never Bites

No one wants a biting dog and nothing is more unsettling than having a dog that is getting grumpy with people. Once your dog is labeled aggressive it’s very hard to change people perception of him, no matter how much training you do.

That’s why it’s so important that you take the necessary steps to raise your dog in such a way that he will never think about taking a chomp on someone. If you do certain things, especially when your dog is a puppy, you can greatly decrease the chance that he will ever use his teeth on anyone.

In this episode I’ll go over why a dog would bite, giving you five common reasons this might happen. Then I go tell you how to identify each trigger and give you practical steps that you can do to ensure that your dog never feels the need to bite.

In this episode

1:00  The reason I’m pissed off

4:50  Listener question about puppy introduction to other dogs answered

9:57  Why dogs bite

12:30  How compound triggers cause bites

15:58  Know when to treat the issue and when you shouldn’t

17:25  Number one thing to do to make sure your dog never bites

20:44  Importance of letting new dogs get acclimated

25:56  How hand feeding can help

27:47  Weekly training tip


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