GDA 4: How to Better Exercise Your Dog with Tracey Patterson

You probably already know that you need to exercise your dog. And you also might think that you are providing enough exercise right now but listen to this – you might discover that you could be doing much, much more.

Being a dog trainer for the last 6 years and working with hundreds of clients and dogs I’ve learned that most people have no idea what adequate exercise really is, and that most of us really underestimate the impact that providing our dogs with enough physical and mental stimulation. 

To give you all the facts and to go over specific ideas and tips on how to better exercise your dog I brought in Tracey Patterson from Together Tracey and I go over everything you need to know about your dog’s exercise needs.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • How much exercise your dog really needs
  • How age and breed effect exercise needs
  • Some exercises you can do with your dog that will satisfy his breeding
  • What breeds need the most exercise
  • Cool products to exercise your dog



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