GDA 5: The Best and Worst Collars and Harnesses

There are so many different ways to leash up your dog and it seems like new tools are being introduced every day. With so many choices available it’s hard to know which one is the best. To add to the confusion, everyone seems to have a different opinion on which one you should use. So in this episode I’m going to give you my personal list of which collars and harnesses I feel are the best to use and which ones I recommend you avoid.

Over the last 11 years with my dog and the thousands of dogs I’ve worked with as a dog trainer and rescue guy, I’ve tried just about every single training tool out there. I’ve learned that there’s no one tool for everyone and what works best for me with my dog might not be the best choice for you to use with your own pooch. You really need to see what works best for you, with your dog, in your world.

I’ll go over what collars and harnesses work best for certain dogs and situations so that you can figure out which one might be the best tool for you to use with your own dog.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What 4 collars I really don’t like
  • How using the wrong collar could harm your dog
  • Why you should be working to get off any training collars
  • My top 2 choices to walk your dog with
  • A couple of collars that need to be used for specific dogs and situations


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Slip Lead

Front attaching harness