GDA 7: Avoiding Trouble Between Dogs and Children

Many children each year are the victims of dog bites. And what makes me nuts is that so many of these bites on kids could easily be avoided if both our dogs and our kids were trained properly how to interact safely with each other.

Early socialization for our dogs is critical to ensure that they are comfortable with a variety of environments, situations and specifically with kids. We need to proactive and work on our dogs sensitivities and known triggers so that when they encounter kids who can be unpredictable they are stable and tolerant.

I discuss how to train your dog to be better with children, as well as how to train and educate the children in your life so that they can have nice, positive encounters together.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • The importance of rules and structure for your dog
  • Tips to make sure your dog likes being around children
  • How to teach kids how to handle and pet a dog
  • Why all interactions between kids and dogs are always our responsibility


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