GDA 9: Understanding Dog Play

When dog’s play nicely together there’s nothing more fun to watch, but when things go bad it can be a very difficult and dangerous situation. If you don’t understand how dogs play and how they communicate you are probably unsure and a little nervous when your dog interacts with his doggie buddies.

Once you learn some simple keys to getting dogs together and know what to look out for when dogs are playing taking your dog to play with other dogs will be a fun and positive experience for both you and your dog.

In this episode I go over some basic dog body language so you can know what dogs are saying to each other and how they are feeling, I’ll cover what makes good play and what warning signs you need to look out for.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • How rough you should let your dog play
  • Some behaviors that you should careful of
  • How to survive a day at the dog park
  • What to do if two dogs get into a fight


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