Thanks to the success and popularity of The Great Dog Adventure Podcast I've decided to offer some select opportunities to sponsor the show.

This is a golden opportunity to get your dog business some very targeted and engaged exposure, where you can reach your ideal target audience in a very focused and effective way.

At the moment I will only accept 1 sponsor for each episode. As a sponsor I will do a live read for your product or service at the beginning of each show. These are not pre-recorded, but are read by me in a very natural way (more like a testimonial). Since my audience knows and trusts me, your product or service will get some instant credibility.

Because I will only recommend businesses I truly believe are good, that will benefit my audience I will be very selective as to who will be accepted as a sponsor. If I'm not familiar with your business I may ask to try it out first and/or request some samples to determine if it's the right fit for my audience.

Why sponsor the show?

Since launching on Sept. 16,2013 the show has had a very strong growth and is on track to have 10,000 downloads by the end of the year. This image shows the rise in downloads since the launch of the show. As you can see the show is growing very nicely over time.

Unlike other advertising options like newspaper, traditional radio, Google Adwords and Facebook ads, sponsoring the show gives you long term exposure. In the other forms of advertising, once your ad run is over, it's gone but the podcast is always available online and is constantly being listened to by new people every single day. So you get much more bang for your buck.

Plus the ad is a live read by me where I talk about your business in a very casual way. This means your message will be greeting warmly instead of the typical defensive reaction you get from traditional advertising. My audience may not have heard of your product or service but they since they know, like and trust me they will be more likely to check out your business.

You can also offer special discount codes to the listeners so you can track the traffic you get and the resulting sales.


How It Works

After the intro to the show I will do a live read 30 - 60 seconds  spot about your product or service. It will be done in a very conversational and natural way and can include a call to action like a phone number, website URL, etc.

You will also get your logo placed on The Great Dog Adventure website under the show notes for the episodes your sponsor.

Sponsorship Levels

Note: As the popularity of the show grows prices for sponsorship will increase (most likely when the show hits 50,000 downloads)

Apply For Sponsorship

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of the podcast send me an email at

Be sure to include the web address of your business and a brief description of what you do.